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Remote hands Support in Austin, TX area

SMEs at Northside IT offer Smart Hands support in your data center, colocations, or server rooms. We can reduce your costs.

No need to fly your staff for IT deployments, installs, changes, and asset decommissions.

​Northside IT engineers can work extended hours and weekends to accommodate your organization's scheduled outages and maintenance windows.

Our dedicated professionals have extensive experience in a full range of services as follows:​​

  • IMAC services (installation, moves, adds, and changes).

  • Third Party Support

  • ITAD services (IT asset disposition).

  • EoL services/support

  • Equipment inventory and labeling.

  • Expert-level networking services by experienced CCIE (See our Network Solutions page for more details).

  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics of cabling, servers, and network devices.

  • Hardware replacements and upgrades.

  • NetBotz environment sensors (installation and troubleshooting)

We can also help with the following:​

  • Cycling power on your equipment

  • Visual equipment checks - Server room and colocation weekly walkthroughs

  • Replacing outdated hardware

  • Hard drive swaps.

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Vito Amato
Vito Amato
Jul 31, 2023

Do you offer after hours service for scheduled outages and maintenance windows?

Art M
Art M
Jul 31, 2023
Replying to

Yes, We can help after hours. Best will be to schedule it with us to make sure we are available that day and time. We also do emergency services for any colocation and server room problems. Cable replacement, Console to a switch, server reboot, drive swaps, etc. Just let us know.

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